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Cartridge Filters

Donaldson offers a wide range of products and custom solutions to deliver maximum turbine performance. 

Turbo-Tek Cartridge Filters
Donaldson’s Turbo-Tek™ line of (H)EPA filters are constructed from premium composite filter media
assemblies that deliver (H)EPA filtration efficiency.
Turbo-Tek Cartridge Filters brochure

GDX & GDS Filter Pairs for Filter Systems
One conical and one cylindrical for Donaldson GDX and GDS-1 Filtration Systems.
GDX & GDS Filter Pairs for Self-Cleaning Systems

Cylindrical Cartridge Filters
Used in Donaldson TTD’s and other systems with cartridge filters.

Cartridge Filters for Non-Donaldson Systems
Upgrade to Donaldson Spider-Web for superior quality and performance with filters made to fit your Braden, Pneumafil Pneuma-Pulse (Twist-Lock) system, Farr Tenkay system, or AAF Pulstar unit.

Composite-Filters for LM6000’s
The Donaldson CFS is a 2-stage air filter (inner wrap + final filter) used in the Donaldson Composite-Filter System. We also have pre-filters and hydraulic filters to keep your LM 6000 running a peak power.

Filters for GT’s used in the Exploration, Production, and Transporation of Oil & Gas
Cartridge & panel filters for Solar, Rolls Royce & other turbines used in oil production & gas pipelines.

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