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Product Overview

Donaldson designs, manufactures, and markets advanced air inlet filtration systems for gas turbines, generators, and other rotating equipment. Our systems and related air inlet products protect turbines from airborne contaminants in thousands of systems around the world.
Self-Cleaning Filter Systems
Donaldson self-cleaning systems are designed to help turbines & generators operate everywhere – in dusty deserts, urban/factory areas, on the coast, in the frosty north. Because they are self-cleaning, they require little maintenance between filter change-outs.

Static Air Systems Static Filter Systems
Donaldson static (rather than self-cleaning) air filtration systems are most often chosen to protect inlet air on turbines and generators in urban, industrial, offshore, marine, and coastal environments.
Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filters
Donaldson offers a wide range of products and custom solutions to deliver maximum turbine performance. 
Panel Filters Panel Filters
Replacement panel filters to fit a variety of Donaldson and non-Donaldson air inlet systems.
Pre-Cleaning Filters Pre-Filters
Pre-filters -- both wraps and panels -- have the job of extending the life of the primary filter by capturing larger particulate, such as seeds, leaves, airborne fibers, etc. They are made of low-cost, relatively low efficiency materials, and are designed to be changed more often than primary filters -- then thrown away.
Spare and Service Parts Spare and Service Parts
Replacement Parts for Donaldson Filtration Systems.
Air Inlet Enhancements Heating & Cooling
Gas turbines are often installed in less than ideal environments. Your turbine may face challenges from hot weather, cold weather, fog, sand storms, salt-laden air, and/or noise abatement regulations, to name few. Donaldson offers inlet enhancements to help overcome challenges and keep your turbine producing its optimum output for many years.

Field Services
Filter change-out, annual inspection…and more!

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