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Donaldson LITHOGUARD airborne molecular contaminant (AMC) filtration cabinets and filter inserts improve both yield and uptime by controlling the chemistry of ambient air. Solutions are available in a range of airflows to meet your requirements.

Removes the airborne base, acid, organic (VOC) and particle contamination from ambient air that adversely affects critical chemical processes in the manufacturing of semiconductors.
LITHOGUARD-12 Cabinet Brochure.

LITHOGUARD v2.0 Cabinet
Offers the broadest range of protection for lithography tools and processes in a compact unit.
LITHOGUARD v. 2.0 Cabinet Brochure.

LITHOGUARD Blower Systems
Provides the required airflow along with extra capacity for external system pressure losses. Integrated air-inlet supply fans with single-phase and three-phase motors are available for all units and are CE- and/or UL-approved. Contact us for details.
  CFS (Carbon Filter System) Cabinets
Filters and filter refills are still available for older CFS systems and LITHOGUARD v1.0. Contact us for details.

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