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Donaldson Buys Value

Donaldson Buys Value is a supply management program based on the premise that "Value" is defined as a combination of quality, service and cost.

Donaldson Company will place the majority of purchases with strategic suppliers, thereby providing the best possible value.

The objective of the Donaldson Buys Value (DBV) program is to assist Donaldson in exceeding its customers' expectations. Donaldson will achieve this by maximizing the value of purchased parts and materials, and by identifying and working with suppliers who consistently and reliably perform at or above Donaldson's expectations.

For a detailed list of expectations please refer to our Donaldson Buys Value Manual.

The rewards of participating in our DBV program as a strategic supplier include preferential consideration in product sourcing and consideration as a partner. With its partners, Donaldson works to achieve mutual goals, including cost reductions that are mutually beneficial to both sides of the partnership.

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