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Quality Information For Suppliers

Suppliers doing business with Donaldson shall have long term relationships in mind. Our customers expect this and we strive for it in our everyday business dealings. Obtaining the best "value" for the products purchased will always be our goal. DCI defines value as Quality, Service, and Cost. Quality must focus on not exceeding 50 DPPM. Delivery must focus on 100% to the on-time delivery requirement.

The purpose of the Donaldson Supplier Quality Manual (DSQM) is to communicate Donaldson's Quality requirements to suppliers. We strive to ensure that we are setting clear expectations and flowing down our customer requirements to our supply base. This step is critical for Donaldson to continue to exceed customer expectations and maintain our Quality Commitment.

Link to DSQM: Donaldson Supplier Quality Manual

This manual covers the most important quality related interactions between DCI and its suppliers as well as where to find additional information on tasks, documents, responsibilities and performance metrics.

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